Why does TIP work on end-of-life tire (ELT) management?

The management of ELTs in environmentally sound and productive ways continues to be a high priority for TIP members.

TIP considers that successful ELT management systems are those that foster circular flows of materials derived from ELTs and contribute to avoid the unregulated dumping of tires. Committed to sustainability, our members are working to improve the sustainable management of ELT around the world. 

Various regional efforts by government authorities, the tire industry and individual manufacturers are currently underway to improve ELT management and good progress is being made. For example, the tire industry is now one of the most advanced industries in terms of end-of-life product management. While only 14% of plastic packaging is recovered worldwide, it is estimated that 88% of end-of-life tires are now collected for recycling or reuse. 

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