How does the tire-sector Roadmap guide sector contributions to the SDGs?

The Roadmap identifies seven Impact Pathways to guide tire sector contributions to the SDGs across three main themes: supply chain, operations, and products and services:

  • IMPACT PATHWAY 1: Supply Chain – Accelerate and scale activities to achieve a fair, equitable and environmentally sound natural rubber value chain – including ensuring decent work and upholding human rights
  • IMPACT PATHWAY 2: Supply Chain – Implement sustainable procurement practices and establish environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities throughout the supply chain, including the promotion of transparency and traceability
  • IMPACT PATHWAY 3: Operations – Develop pathways to decarbonize operations, reduce emissions and ensure the sustainable use of natural resources
  • IMPACT PATHWAY 4: Operations – Ensure safe and inclusive working environments and equal opportunities for all employees
  • IMPACT PATHWAY 5: Products and Services – Further leverage multi-stakeholder efforts to achieve evidence-based solutions that address tire and road wear particles (TRWP)
  • IMPACT PATHWAY 6: Products and Services – Accelerate the sustainable mobility transition by raising awareness of the impact of user behavior, designing connected and intelligent tires, and providing innovative digital solutions
  • IMPACT PATHWAY 7: Products and Services – Advance innovation in product, service and business model design to enhance low-carbon and circular solutions while ensuring sustainable management of end-of-life tires (ELT) around the world

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