What are the key components of the tire sector Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Roadmap?

The SDG Roadmap for the tire sector seeks to inspire and provide guidance to those within the sector and its wider value chain. The Roadmap incorporates a series of six core components and exercises to advance the initiative in a meaningful way:

Key components:

  • A vision of where the sector aspires to be and what the sector aims to achieve in relation to the SDGs by 2030 and beyond
  • Demonstration of how the sector interacts with the wider SDG agenda and which of the SDGs it can impact the most
  • Identification of key impact opportunities where, by working together, companies can have the most impact on achieving the SDGs while unlocking business value
  • Exploration of actions that organizations within the sector can begin to take to individually move towards advancing these opportunities
  • An understanding / identification of common barriers and impact accelerators
  • Engagement with key stakeholders across the sector’s value chain

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