You published an SDGs Roadmap for the tire sector – what now?

We understand that achieving the SDGs is beyond the reach of any one company and TIP members recognize the integral role they have in driving forward the actions in the tire sector SDG Roadmap ‘Sustainability Driven: Accelerating Impact with the Tire Sector SDG Roadmap‘.

TIP’s own work program will have the Roadmap at its core, including a commitment to develop additional indicators to measure progress by 2023 and to produce a progress report by 2026 to reflect advancements and optimize delivery.

We encourage all members of the sector (including those who are not members of TIP), along with customers, consumers, suppliers, governments, academia and NGOs, to engage with the Roadmap. In addition, we encourage interested parties to contact TIP with questions and ideas on how to initiate projects or strengthen partnerships to accelerate SDG impact.